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Grandmaster Frank Loureda is an 8th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. He is a
World-Class Martial Artist known for building black belts for the past 30 years. Many of
his black belt athletes have competed in Cadet World, Junior, and Senior World Championships
in various locations like Korea, Azerbaijan, and Canada. Taekwondo Times noted
that, "Master Frank’s Taekwondo Academy, has the most established black belts
throughout the world.” He has been featured in many television shows and sports news
networks. He was the stunt athlete for the movie ONLY THE STRONG. He has been
recently selected into the Taekwondo Hall of Fame family. He has three daughters. His
oldest daughter Valerie (18 yrs) is a senior team member for the Paraguayan Olympic
Team, Natalie (16 yrs) is a member of the Puerto Rican Junior National Team, and
Francesca (10 yrs) is a US Open Bronze Medalist Black Belt. However, Grandmaster
Frank Loureda’s lovable personality, accomplishments, and passion for teaching has
made him loved and respected by all his athletes, coaches, and colleagues.

Grandmaster Frank Loureda was born in Valencia, Venezuela in 1962. He’s been doing taekwondo since the age of 5. He moved to the United States at the age of 15 and began teaching taekwondo at W.R. Thomas Middle School afterschool program in Miami, Florida for 15 years. In 1992, he opened his own taekwondo school in Miami, Florida. His school is considered one of the top Martial Arts schools in the Miami area for the past 20 years. Master Frank’s Taekwondo Academy has been used to film children self defense TV shows as well as photo shoots for many sports magazines and commercials. Many of our athletes have been interviewed by several TV stations and taekwondo networks. Master Frank’s Taekwondo Academy has the latest equipment to increase the student’s ability and develop them to become elite athletes in order to compete at local, national, and/or international levels. Grandmaster Frank Loureda received his 8th degree black belt through the United States Chung Do Kwan Association in which he has been a member for the past 25 years. Grandmaster Frank is training numerously hours to test for his upcoming 9th degree Kukkiwon black belt test in Seoul, Korea.

Grandmaster Frank Loureda is well known throughout the martial arts community for his countless victories as Grand Champion in the tournament circuit, in both sparring and in forms. His school has won the AAU National Champion trophies for Forms and Sparring several times. His daughter, Natalie, has been recognized for being the best female cadet athlete at the Official 2013 Pan American Taekwondo Championships in Queretaro, Mexico. Grandmaster and his three daughters will be recognized as the Hall of Fame family in Taekwondo and has received LA COPA DORADA—a prestige sports recognition for athletes and coaches in South Florida. Grandmaster Frank Loureda and his school have received countless Proclamation Certificates by many cities in Florida as well as the Key to the City of Miami, Florida.

this is our story

Master Frank's Taekwondo was established in 1985. Throughout the years, we have been teaching children of all ages and transforming them into productive citizens of today's society. Many o our black belt athletes are on the journey to pursue their Olympic Dream for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games. At Master Frank's Taekwondo Academy we develop athletes from the age of 3 years to Adult. We enforce ANTI-bullying and your child will learn how to defend themselves in all circumstances. Our martial art's philosophy is to train every athlete with RESPECT and make sure training is based on gaining self confidence, self esteem, endurance, self defense, and concentration skills.

Master Frank's Taekwondo Academy teaches children and adults of all ages the disciplined of taekwondo. Taekwondo is a martial art that teaches respect, honor and loyalty. It is a way of life, were you win honorably. Our staff and coaches are dedicated to guiding an athlete thru life and enhancing their natural abilities. At Master Frank's Taekwondo Academy we all become part of one big family. Anti-Bulling is an essential part of our daily program and we incorporate it to all of our classes.