Master Frank's Taekwondo Academy

 "As Always Told,, We Bring Home The Gold"

Testing Requirements

Video Requirements:

-You must create a 3-5 minute training video using the latest advance techniques to increase speed for high level Taekwondo Olympic International match. 

-CD Must have a cover jacket with name , tittle , and testing date.

The following should be included in the video:

-Title Selection.

-Name & Training Location.

-Date of exam and rank testing for.

-Your Accomplishments as an athlete and years of training. 


Videos Will Be Graded Based On:

-Creativity-Visual effects, technical presentation, music, and video location.

-Originality-How the instructor presents original techniques to increase an athlete speed for  high level taekwondo olympic     match.

-Educational-Steps,conditioning, and tools guided to achieve goal.